Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Parking Ticket

This is a little dated but I've been waiting to vent until I found out how much this stupid ticket cost. So here's the story.

I received a ticket at 4:56am on 2/22/08 during a snow storm that the forecasters did not predict to start until after 7am. For the first time since the beginning of time the Westfield police decided to enforce the "no parking on snow covered roads", as all their residents peacefully slept knowing that the storm wouldn't start until mid-morning.

Once again the weathermen were wrong but this time because the storm actually appeared and developed a couple hours earlier than expected. Because the Westfield police felt like writing tickets that day they went ahead and wrote tickets for everyone on my street. Funny enough I was in my car by 6am on the road, long before the storm was allegedly going to start.

My lessons learned, courtesy of the Westfield Police Department and NYC area weathermen are:
  1. Not to trust the weathermen (that's a given)
  2. Expect the unexpected, the Westfield police do work when you least expect it
  3. Don't expect logic or fairness to be used lightly
The ticket cost $40 but at least I know that I moved my car well before the storm was supposed to start; too bad that's not good enough for the police this time.

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